“A woven integration of architectural forms, material and landscape projecting and moving to create a landmark address for a unique city site.”
Enzo Caroscio, Design Architect

It’s time to push against the pull of the mundane.

Incomparable to any other residential building in Adelaide, bohem stands as the meeting point between the serenity of the parklands and the vibrancy of the city; its character and culture.

Growing from a vision to seamlessly meld the building with the green of the square, bohem offers breathtaking, uninterrupted views from its 21 storeys to grab your imagination. Its façade shifts and changes with the seasons, creating an innovative work of true living architecture.

Unconventionality thrives throughout bohem, with its quirky architecture and expansive greenery and plantings complementing its outstanding amenities, with an expansive pool, leisure deck, gym and cafe bar.

On the ground floor, an exquisite 22-metre vertical garden wall greets residents and visitors alike, while a 2-storey vaulted foyer creates an awesome entrance.

Car parking within the five-storey podium structure is cleverly concealed behind hanging gardens adorned with exotic and native plantings.

“We wanted the build components to match their environment and the character of the surrounding area. There are plantings in the vaulted lobby and more extending to seven storeys. On Wright Street, we created a building form using different materials on a smaller scale. With Morphett Street being the main boulevard of the city, we achieved a greater sense of grandeur by accentuating the push and pull of the building on a larger scale.”
Enzo Caroscio, Design Architect

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