/ 27 Oct 2017

First tree lifted into place at Bohem captures unique views of Adelaide city

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The very first tree to be lifted by crane into place at Bohem on Wright Street was kitted out with a GoPro camera to film its lofty ascent up and over the building.

The resulting images give startling and unexpected views of Adelaide’s newest apartments as well as captivating bird’s eye impressions of Whitmore Square and the surrounding area.

The high-flying sapling, an attractive deciduous tree from a range called ‘Indian summer’, is being installed early on the sixth-floor pool deck to give it a head start. Supplied by SA Grown / Heynes Wholesale Nursery, it’s one of over 35 different plant species to be delivered over time to Bohem as part of its colour changing landscaping scheme.

The installation signalled a key milestone in the building’s development progress, which is on track and expected to be completed by 18 December 2018.